Organic Essential Oil Spray - Violet Twig Aromatics
Natural Essential Oil Spray - Violet Twig Aromatics
Organic Essential Oils - Violet Twig Aromatics
Snazzy Mask

Breathe Deeply Spray - Natural Sinus Decongestant Spray

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Our eucalyptus oil and ravintsara oil blend is a potent yet safe natural remedy.  Powerful essential oils decongest sinuses and provide clear breathing.

You don't have to feel under the weather to love this aroma. The crisp lively scent of eucalyptus and ravintsara is healing while the anti-anxiety effect of pine is soothing. The warm feeling of thyme will make you rest easy so you will feel like yourself in no time!

This organic essential oil spray was originally formulated to spray on the inside of our Snazzy Mask.  The aromatherapy will keep the mask wearer focused and alert while wearing the face mask for long periods, for instance, during surgery.  As with all of our sprays this blend has many uses.



Spray onto neck and chest area as needed to clear sinuses and relieve headaches.

Can also be sprayed onto arms and hands for focus and clarity while working at your desk.

The old fashioned method of breathing in steam from a pot of boiled water with a towel over your head still works and just got better!  After the water is heated, spray a few sprays of Breathe Deeply into the water to the desired strength.  It's a wonderful soothing experience and a great way to clear your chest and sinuses during cold and flu season.

INGREDIENTS:  Distilled Water, Essential Oils, Polysorbate

SIZE:  2oz Bottle


This product is amazing.  Not only did it help clear my sinuses, the blend of essential oils was calming, and I never have trouble settling down to sleep after applying this.  -Holly B

I really do like this spray.  It helps me sleep and when I spray it on me, my husband says he likes it too! -Kelley P

Really strong and great, as it should be.  I am asthmatic and this is the best product I've used to help resolve my worst breathing issues. -Henry W

I love this spray.  We use it every night in the winter.  I spray it on my 5 year old daughter's pillow and on her back to help with her night breathing.  She doesn't have any respiratory issues, just typical winter congestion.  We all love the smell and one bottle lasted for the entire winter.  This product arrived in perfect shape and on time. I love that it comes in a glass bottle too! -Ruth G

I bought this for my snoring husband.  He sprays this on his chest and pillow at night and the snoring has definitely cut in half!  I even have a soothing feeling when I smell it, which helps me fall asleep faster.  I definitely recommend this! -Evelyn B

I am so glad I ordered this.  I've had to deal with nighttime congestion for so long.  I spray this near one side of my pillow and I breathe easier at night now. -Keith T

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