At Violet Twig Aromatics, we buy wild crafted and organic essential oils for our products. Products with an organic label are government certified organic. Wildcrafted oils are derived from crops that are grown and collected in the wild. Wildcrafted oils are not currently certified but they are the best oils on the market. Fragrance oils are rarely used, some items may contain high quality fragrance oil to create a particular scent which may not be available as an essential oil. When fragrance oil is used in a blend, the amount is less than 3% of the total volume. 

All our products are alcohol free!

Polysorbate is a necessary ingredient for the emulsion of oil and water in my sprays. It is not an entirely natural composition though it is derived from coconut oil. Only a tiny amount is needed (1% of total volume) in each spray product.

A "Shake Well" label is on every spray product as it is important to shake these products before using. In order to keep the ingredient list 98.4% natural, the oils in the mixture may separate.
A quick shake is all that is needed.

Shelf life is at least two years. Store items at room temperature in a dark drawer or linen
closet. While essential oils are a healthy alternative to commercial body products, some people can be sensitive to them.

Below is a list of conditions and certain oils to avoid:

While in the Sun:  Avoid all citrus oils.
Kidney, Liver or Seizure disorders:  Avoid:  clove
Pregnancy:  Avoid:  eucalyptus, cedar wood, sage, clove, juniper, myrrh, peppermint,
rosemary, rose, jasmine
Epilepsy:  Avoid:  rosemary, sage
Hypertension:  Avoid:  rosemary
Hypotension:  Avoid:  ylang ylang



Snazzy Mask is a reusable, washable, eco-friendly surgical face mask that comes in a variety of colors for men, women, children and toddlers. Snazzy Mask is an attractive alternative to the paper face mask. Made with 100% cotton, Snazzy Mask is super comfortable and makes the overall mask wearing experience more pleasant! It will totally Snazz up your day!


Adult Size - 7" wide x 4" tall
Junior Size - 6.25" wide x 3.50" tall
Toddler Size - 5.75" wide x 3.25" tall


There are so MANY reasons. Here are a few...

Compromised Immune System -- Cancer Patients -- Flu Mask 
Hospital Visits -- Shopping -- Medical Office -- Transplant Patients 
Schools -- Workplace -- Cleaning -- Allergy Season -- Gardening 
Bike Riders -- Commercial Air Travel -- Dog Groomers -- Caretakers 
Nail Salons -- Post Cosmetic Procedures -- Surgery Recovery